Star Trek vs Star Wars

In the world of science fiction there are many great universes that feature really dynamic story lines and characters. Star Trek and Star Wars are two of the biggest science fiction franchises in history. Both of these franchises are well known and well respected among fans and by the general public. Even though this is the case, loyal Trekkie fans and Star Wars geeks tend to clash with one another about who has the best franchise. We’ll examine both sides of this argument to figure out which side is right.


Who has the Better Story Line

The debate between Star Wars and Star Trek first begins with the story line of themes that both of these franchises have to offer. Star Wars is set in a fictional galaxy that is far, far away. Star Trek takes place in the real world but it happens a couple of thousands years into the future. Trekkies believe that Star Trek is a more realistic and could actually happen. Star Wars fans believe that the Federation and its space exploration missions are boring and uninteresting. Star Wars fans also point out that George Lucas’ (the creator of Star Wars) universe is much more interesting place to be. Especially since the planets are designed like geographical regions on the Earth. Who has the best story line? Clearly, it’s up to the fans to decide.

What Franchise has the Best Characters?

Star Wars fans point out that Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader are the essential heroes and villains that a story needs to become a big hit. Many Star Wars enthusiasts really enjoy Luke Skywalker’s character because he is young, heroic and full of the force. On the other hand the Trekkies love them some Captain James T. (the T stands for Tiberius) Kirk. He is the strong willed and domineering captain who has the ability to bed plenty of honeys regardless of race or species. That could get kind of disgusting if you ask me. But that’s just my opinion. Anyway, Kirk is surrounded by a cast of heroes such as Lt. Spock (by the way he is a captain now), Dr. McCoy and the rest of the Enterprise crew. Also noted is Spock (played by Lenard Nimoy); he has helped to establish the Star Trek legacy more so than Kirk. Once again, fans will have to decide who has the best characters between the two.


What Franchise is more of a Household Name?

Star Trek and Star Wars fans often battle it out over who is more of a household name and the truth is that both franchises might be even in this regard. Star Trek is constantly shown on television in syndication. So, many households can tune it to watch episodes. On the other hand, many references are constantly made about Star Wars in popular culture. The truth is that both of these franchises have about the same amount of influence as the other.

Which Franchise is has the Most Box Office Sales?

In terms of box office sales, Star Wars has earned about $4 billion dollars and Star Trek has earned about $2 billion dollars. These numbers represent the total box office figures for all of the movies within each series. By the numbers, more people are willing to see a Star Wars film than they are a Star Trek picture.

Which Franchise is More Marketable?

Star Wars is also more marketable than Star Trek and once again the numbers reveal this. More video game titles, cartoons, books, DVDs and Lego blocks have a Star Wars theme. So Star Wars fans can excited about their franchise being the best in terms of mass market appeal.

Ultimately, the battle of Star Wars comes down to just one thing: which franchise interest a person the most. With that being said Star Wars and Star Trek will both continue to be well received franchises. Why? Because they both have impacted the culture and will continue to do so well into the future. The immortal Lt. Spock can sum it best for both franchises through his popular catchphrase “Live long and prosper.”

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